Being represented by IATSE 745 means that you have access to benefits, which might be the most important reason for the existence of our Union. Pre-tax employer contributions are placed into an account for your personal use. Medical and retirement funds are set up in your name, and you do not pay tax on these Employer contributions.

In addition to the mandatory uniform employer contribution for all eligible employees, each such employee may elect to defer part of his/her salary, subject to statutory limitations and the rules of the Annuity Fund, and the employer will transmit those salary deferrals to the Annuity Fund by the 10th day or each month following the end of the month in which the covered services were performed.

Contributions shall be made by separate check to the “IATSE Health and Welfare Fund” and the “IATSE Annuity Fund” and the “IATSE National Pension Fund” no later than the 10th of each month in respect to all employment during preceding month on which contributions were payable. In conjunction with each such payment, Employer shall submit a remittance report showing the names of the employees for whom contributions are being made, their social security numbers, their dates of employment, shifts of employment by them as well as the amount of contributions paid for them.