referral list

Local 745 keeps and maintains a roster of qualified freelancers, updated quarterly, as our contracted employers have agreed to give preference of employment to those referred to them by IATSE Local 745. Having your name placed on our list does not guarantee you employment.

All persons on the Referral List are covered under the same guidelines of the CBAs: yearly raises, health and welfare contributions, annuity, pension contributions, and parking reimbursement. The Referral List does not identify you as member or a referent. 


A charge of 1% of gross contract earnings is charged to all persons working in covered crafts for signatory Employers (employers with IATSE broadcast contracts). This referral fee is a continuing financial obligation that is charged to everyone on the referral list. It is based upon the costs to the union to maintain and administer the referral process. No portion of the referral fee may be used for anything that benefits union members deferentially from non-members, nor may the referral fee be used to fund any other state, regional, or national AFL-CIO organization. This referral fee is separate from any union dues and does not entitle you to any union status. Union membership is a separate process handled with a different application.

If you would like to be listed on the IATSE Local 745 Referral List, you must be added by one of our contracted employers. All contracts can be found on our website. 

Once we receive this request, you will be sent the referral paperwork. You are required to pay the yearly Referral Fee (2021: $71.00) as well as the 1% list maintenance fee. We encourage everyone on the referral list to sign up for automatic withholding of the 1%. We will provide the withholding form to you. 

Without having worked for any of our contracted employers you may still contact our Secretary/Treasurer for an application but understand it will be much more difficult to have your name placed on our referral list. As part of the application process you must vetted by a member of the Referral List. The vetting process is at the sole discretion of the membership and there is no defined time table.


There are rules that you must adhere to have your name remain on our referral list. They are spelled out in our Referral Rules. Please read this document carefully and become familiar with its terms.